The Ins and Outs of Move Out Cleaning: All You Should Know

September 10, 2019

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Moving to a different house or apartment is never easy. Not only are you uprooting your entire life and beginning the arduous process of ensuring your belongings and loved ones get to their new home safely, but there’s also move out cleaning in Lafayette LA to worry about.

That’s right, while the law doesn’t force you to ensure the home you’re moving out of is clean, doing so is highly advisable. Leaving a place as clean as it was when you first entered it is common decency, but more importantly, it is a way of making sure you get your full deposit back without any unneeded complications.

In this article, we’ll explain what move out cleaning entails and why it’s important. Furthermore, we’ll tell you where you can find a dependable cleaning company in Lafayette that can provide move out and move in cleaning services you can depend on. Read on!

What does a move out cleaning include What does a move out cleaning include?

A move out cleaning is typically performed after you’ve already taken all or most of your stuff elsewhere. This means the home you’re moving out of will likely have little to no furniture left in it, so instead of table or upholstery cleaning, you’ll be focusing on the actual property itself.

During a standard move out cleaning you should:

  • Dust every ceiling fixture.
  • Dust all ledges.
  • Clean the windows and window frames.
  • Clean the doors and door knobs.
  • Clean all outlets and light switches.
  • Carefully vacuum the entire place.
  • Thoroughly clean the carpets (pay for professional cleaning if there are stains you can’t get out).
  • Remove spiderweb.
  • Bleach the bathroom grout.
  • Get soap scum off the shower/tub and bathroom tiles.
  • Clean out bathroom cabinets and drawers. Take special care to remove any hairs.
  • Clean and disinfect the sink, toilet, and floor.
  • Clean the mirror.
  • Vacuum the exhaust fans.
  • Clean out kitchen liners and cabinets.
  • Wash the front of the kitchen cabinets.
  • Disinfect and clean the kitchen countertops.
  • Disinfect and clean the kitchen faucet and sink.
  • Extensively clean both the interior and the exterior of the refrigerator.
  • Scrub both the exterior and the interior of the oven.
  • Clean out the dishwasher.
  • Clean behind and underneath the appliances.

If all of the above sounds like a massive ordeal, that’s because it is. If you lack the time to do it, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. Doing so will have the added benefit of giving you the free time you need to relax with your family or to simply enjoy a book you rented from the Lafayette Municipal Library.

Can a landlord charge you after you move out Can a landlord charge you after you move out?

The goal of a move out cleaning is to make the place you’re leaving as spotless as it was when you first set foot in it. Assuming you haven’t physically damaged the property, a thorough move out cleaning will be more than enough to prevent any disagreements with your previous landlord.

Likewise, if you leave the place dirty and cluttered, a landlord will be able to use even normal rental property wear and tear as a reason to withhold your initial deposit. Don’t let them take you for a ride like that. A top-notch move out cleaning will save you money in the long run and prevent needless frustration.

Where can I book a reliable move out cleaning in Lafayette LA?

Here at Geaux Maids of Lafayette, we can proudly call ourselves the leading maid service in Louisiana. Between our 100% satisfaction guarantee, our highly-skilled cleaning experts, and our state-of-the-art online scheduling system, we have everything you could possibly look for in a cleaning company.

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