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Hi, I’m Brunson Sayes. 

And I know you might roll your eyes as well when someone gifts you the same ol’ boring tie or scarf… 

Instead of giving you something that you’d actually USE! 

Well how about you flip the script this time and get your loved ones… your parents or a close friend… 

A gift they will never forget…

A gift that’ll give them peace of mind… 

And a gift that’ll make them thankful for your presence. 

I’m talking about giving them a gift of a crystal clear, clean, shiny home.

You and I both know how hectic it can be to clean up a seemingly never ending mess… 

So how about you send professional cleaners to clean their house for FREE?

They won’t have to do anything… 

Just relax, much on cookies, watch netflix…

While we take care of the cleaning.

Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Well, for a limited time my company is giving you the access to purchase Geaux Maids Gift Cards for free cleaning!

We’re not like other ordinary cleaning companies.

We go the extra mile to make the house spotless… 

The walls and floors sparkling bright…

Bathrooms gleaming clean and sanitized… 

Carpets smooth, soft and freshened…

And windows shiny and clean!

We provide…

Once you click the button, you’ll be taken to a form… 

Just enter the amount you’d like to have the gift card for, enter the details of your parents or close friend…

And we’ll send them the gift card which they can claim whenever they want! 

Not Sure About What Amount To Put In? 

No worries! 

Just take a look at our buying guide below and then you can decide easily.


Buying Guide

Use this buying guide to help determine how much you will need to get depending on the size of the home.


Trusted by 1000+ Homes & 4.8 Rating on Google

We’re trusted by 1000+ homes and people are raving about us on Google…

So you know we’re reliable and trustworthy… and not like other cleaning companies who are out there to make a quick buck.  

Look at our reviews:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Geaux Maids is the cleaning company owned by me, Brunson Sayes. 

For 5+ years we have been servicing multiple areas in Louisiana, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and surrounding cities.

To date, we have serviced 1000+ homes and maintained a 4.8+ rating on Google.

Good question! 

Well, we’re different because we don’t waste your valuable time with stuff like inspections and all…

Instead we get to the work right away so you can have a shiny, clean home in no time. 

Additionally, we also offer a 100% stress-free guarantee… 

If you’re not satisfied with our services, simply give us a call and we’ll come back free of charge to fix it.

Well, no worries!

Just click here to check our buying chart and then you can easily make the decision.

Just add their name and email address while you’re buying the gift card and we’ll send them the gift card via email which they can easily claim by simply booking our services online.

We offer 100% stress-free guarantee. 

If they are not satisfied, please ask them to call us and we’ll go back free of charge to fix everything.

This one is easy! 

Simply click here, fill out the form with the required details, complete the order and we’ll directly email the gift card to the recipient.



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