9 Cleaning Secrets for Every Room in Your Home: Part 2

June 28, 2021

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Claire Hebert

Most people have their own cleaning routine, but you can always spice it up with some new tips and tricks to make it more fun and efficient. Lafayette has many reliable companies that provide different services, such as regular and deep cleaning. However, you can also perform the clean up tasks by yourself. The following tips will make your clean ups a breeze!

What are some cleaning secrets I can easily apply?

In one of our previous posts we wrote about the bathroom and kitchen cleaning hacks. This time, you can check some genius cleaning tips for a more efficient clean up of the living room, bedroom and kids’ bedroom.

Living room

People tend to spend most of their time in the living room, and the focus is usually on decluttering the area. Luckily, there’s not much scrubbing involved and there are a lot of tricks to make tidying up easier.

  • Collect all in one. Instead of running around and putting things back to their place as you declutter, rather grab any kind of container and fill it with all the things that don’t belong to the living room. Once you’re done, simply walk around your home and distribute each item to its place.
  • Vacuum window treatments. Dusting these can be inconvenient, but you can use your vacuum cleaner and the brush attachment to vacuum the dust off of them.
  • Feel free to replace pillows and throws. If these are worn out, don’t dread replacing them. New pillows and throws will make a big difference in your living room.
  • Clean the fireplace like a pro. Removing ash from the fireplace can get quite messy. But, you can fill a spray bottle with water and spray it over the ashes to prevent it from flying around.


Bedrooms are usually the easiest to tackle, at least when it comes to adults’ bedrooms. Check out the following tips:

  • Vacuum the mattress. If you take an extra couple of minutes to do this, your mattress will be free from dead skin cells, and it will reduce dust mites. This is especially important for allergy-prone people.
  • Don’t forget to clean under the bed. This place is often overlooked, but it can accumulate quite a lot of dust, so make sure to do it regularly.

Kids’ bedroom

Kids’ bedrooms can be quite a challenge to clean, but with a few tricks, you can have more control over it. Here’s how:

  • Involve your kids. Not only will this be of help to you, but it will also allow your children to develop good and efficient cleaning habits and understand responsibilities. For example, together, you can set a day and time in the week when they will collect the clutter. The activities will depend on the age of the child.
  • Use the lint roller. This is also convenient for kids to use. They can use it on any fabric surface in their bedroom including soft furniture, lamp shades or fabric toys. This will help reduce dust.
  • Remove the coloring marks on walls. If your little one loves doodling on walls as well, you can sprinkle a damp sponge with baking soda and lightly scrub the marks off.

Where in Lafayette can I book quality deep cleaning service?

Lafayette deep cleaning When you need to take some time off or spend a fun afternoon with your family at the Acadian Village, you can reach out to Geaux Maids of Lafayette! We tailor our services to your needs, and our professional staff makes sure nothing gets missed. Feel free to entrust the cleanliness of your home to us! Give us a call now!

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