3 Ways to Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

September 30, 2022

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Whether you’re a new or an experienced host, the way you present your place to potential guests matters a lot, and with the number of available properties rising every day, you certainly need to make yours really stand out from the competition. 

As cleanliness is guests’ top factor for choosing their accommodation in New Orleans, opting for professional Airbnb cleaning is a sure way to tick that box. However, your primary goal is to make your listing really special and appealing in order to receive bookings. Let’s have a look at how best to do this. 

How do I get my Airbnb noticed?

When creating your listing, it’s essential to focus on the overall guest experience, rather than just name the available features. Check out these 3 ways to make your property really stand out:

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Quality photos

When searching for the perfect place to stay, guests spend most of the time browsing photos, and if you place high-quality photos of your property on the listing, they’ll be able to get the feeling of how it is to stay in your Airbnb. Here are some additional tips you can use when preparing for the shoot:

  • Make sure it’s clean. The spaces you include in the listing should be set up exactly as they will be when guests arrive. Opting for a professional team to take care of the tidiness and hygiene is a sure way to keep your place immaculate for every guest. 
  • Spruce up. Lighten up your space by adding artwork, flowers, and other decoratives, just make sure you don’t exaggerate and make the area look cluttered.  
  • Choose the right time. Try to do the shooting during daytime so you can let natural light in and avoid using flash. This will make your photos look more professional and appealing. 
  • Include your best features. Highlight the best features of your property, such as a hot tub, fireplace, or a state-of-the-art kitchen by including them in the first five photos. 

Accurate description

The first thing that appears in results is the name of your listing, so make sure it’s inviting. Think about any points of interest or special events near you and mention one of them in the name. 

As you go on to provide a short description of your place, don’t just list the things it includes. Rather, focus on the atmosphere, style, and the uniqueness of it. Mention any luxuries such as stellar views or in-house laundry. Make your potential guest feel the vibes of your place and imagine themselves enjoying it. 

A welcome gift

Adding a personal touch will definitely make you stand out from the other hosts, and a lovely way to do it is to include a free welcome gift for each stay. It could be a local delicacy, drinks, or any other item that would make them feel warmly welcomed. Make sure you state this in your listing, and let your guests know that the gift is free. 

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What is the leading company in New Orleans that provides reliable airbnb cleaning?

Whether you’re wondering about the time it takes to sanitize your airbnb or how to do it quickly and efficiently, we are the company you can rely on. Backed up by years of experience in the business, Geaux Maids of New Orleans has mastered all the do’s and don’ts of taking care of airbnb properties.

Our team of professional, bonded, and insured technicians use modern methods to ensure your place is spick and span, whether it’s around the Lakefront Airport or in any other nearby area. Give us a call today! 

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