Struggling to clean your staircase railings? Here are few steps to take

August 20, 2018

Claire Hebert

Claire Hebert

How to clean your staircase railings

The staircase is one of the places in the home that is hardly cleaned. In most homes, weeks and months will pass without the staircase railings being cleaned. While most homeowners do their regular cleaning, they simply leave their staircase railings out until it becomes extremely dirty.  Well, you can follow these steps to clean just like professional maid services in New Orleans.

While there is no proven way to clean your staircase railings, the best thing to always do is to make sure you look closely at the staircase railings and then when you realize that it looks dirty, you can consider giving it some quick clean. You can also decide to clean it once per week, once per every two weeks or once per month. In general, the amount of traffic that moves along the railings should determine how often you clean it.

The amount of dirt attracted by the staircase railings determines the amount of heavy lifting required to make it clean and tidy. There are super cleaning, moderate cleaning minimal cleaning. The super cleaning method is used when the staircase railings are very dirty and s a certain amount of deep cleaning to get it sparkling. While you can always use the minimal and moderate cleaning techniques, we would like to look at the super cleaning method.

So what tools and equipment are needed for the staircase railing?

  1. Feather duster
  2. Vegetable Oil
  3. Lemon Juice
  4. White Vinegar
  5. Plastic Spray Bottle
  6. Soft Drying Cloth
  7. Hand Gloves

It’s time to get started with the cleaning. Kindly wear your hand gloves and pick up the further duster. Also, make sure that you are wearing a home cleaning attire so that the dust particles from the staircase does not get into your clothing. Once you are set, you can following steps to get your home cleaning.

  1. Dust off the staircase railing with the feather duster: you want to remove month’s particles that have been accumulating on sections of the banister. So dust off the dirt with the feather banister.
  2. Spray at least a cup of vinegar on the staircase railing: to enhance the cleaning and remove the dirt on the wood bannister.
  3. Clean the railings and be thorough and move from one area to another: take your time and cleaning all the sections of the bannister step by step. Clean with the vinegar.
  4. Clean the railings thoroughly until it begins to look sparkling clean: keep cleaning until the sticky feeling on the surface has been thoroughly removed.
  5. Shine and protect the wood finishing by applying vegetable oil on the surface. After you are done the cleaning, apply the vegetable oil on the surface. This would enable the surface to sparkly clean.


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