Spring Cleaning Advice to Keep Pests at Bay

August 22, 2018

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With the winter season wrapping off and the spring months coming in with the heat and sunlight, there is the need to jump on the spring cleaning bandwagon with everyone else. As the weather conditions begin to improve, it is a known fact that many homeowners will take the next few weeks to tackle their home’s cleaning needs and for those who detest this period, residential cleaners in Lafayette, LA may be the best choice to save you time, efforts and energy.

However, should you choose to tackle your home’s cleaning need yourself, there is the need for you to properly plan the cleaning process in order to have an organized, less stressful and productive home cleaning session over the desired time frame allotted to the cleaning process.

In order to ensure that all spots in the home are touched by your cleaning hands, you should have a handy to-do list which encompasses all the rooms in the home. If you happen not to have one, below is a room-to-room guide on the specific things to watch out for during the spring cleaning process.


The kitchen is one of the most frequented areas in the home and as such is prone to accumulating a wide array of dust and dirt. With the springtime coming into full gear, ants and other common spring bugs may find their way into your kitchen to claim some of the crumbs left unattended to. Most often than not, these ants make a home out of the kitchen spaces as this provides them an easy access to food and water. Irrespective of your daily cleaning routine through the cold winter months, ants, and other spring bugs may still march in lines to search the home for food crumbs and other edible materials. To ensure that your kitchen is rid of these pests, it is important to take a strategic approach to get rid of them.

The first recommended line of action is by taking care of the food sources such as the cabinet and pantry. While the rest of the kitchen may be clean and in order, the cabinet and pantry may as a result of daily usage be disorganized with spills and crumbs of food particles on the cabinet floor. Be sure to clean this out, empty your cabinet and restock it properly. However, before restocking the pantry which may contain stale flour and other baking ingredients, be sure to wipe the inside clean and install a fresh shelf paper in the event the old one has been there for more than two weeks prior to your spring cleaning. Additionally, it helps to pull out all appliances from the wall and vacuum the space behind them as much as possible as these areas are mostly homes to ants and other kitchen pests. To ensure that your job is properly completed, make sure to wipe all counters and surfaces along with the floors.


The bathroom is also a high traffic area in the home and may be infested with pests like cockroaches and silverfish. Seeing as these pests are more attracted to moisture and can compromise your health while damaging the installations due to their activities, taking care of the bathroom may involve elimination of the source of water in the bathroom by about a week or more in the event you choose to travel with your family. In addition to this, be sure to wash all bathroom installations including the shower curtains and the liners while also making sure to clean out the medicine cabinet. It is also recommended that you check in, around and under the sink, tub, and toilet to ensure that there is no problem of leaky pipes or faucets.


The basement is home to some of the dingy pests such as rodents, spiders, and several others, when carrying out your spring cleaning, be sure to declutter this space while making sure to discard the old and unnecessary items. Be sure to allow enough time to clean out the basement as you will need to sort through items to ensure retention of the important items while discarding the not so useful and outdated items. Be sure to steer clear from the use of cardboard boxes to store items instead, use plastic bins with secure lids.

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