The Search for the Best Maid Service in Baton Rouge

February 28, 2019

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So you’ve decided to stop wasting time and energy on endless scrubbing and mopping, and to outsource your home cleaning to a reliable Baton Rouge cleaning service. But how do you know which cleaning service is right for you?

In past blogs, we told you about the health benefits of cleaning, the advantages of biweekly cleaning, and the differences between a housekeeper and a maid. Now we’ll tell you how to go about hiring a dependable cleaning service that will give your home a lasting freshness.

How to know if you need cleaning service?

How to know if you need cleaning service?

On average, Americans spend fourteen hours a week and $600 a year just cleaning their homes. All that time, energy, and money could be better spent doing more important and enjoyable things, such as getting some much needed shopping done at the Mall of Louisiana.

Even if this doesn’t bother you, there are a number of life situations where keeping your home clean all by yourself becomes impossible. For example, you may be a parent raising small children, a hardworking career professional with little free time, or a student cramming for crucial exams.

Also, some people are physically unable to keep their homes tidy on their own. This can be due to factors such as advanced age, health issues, or other issues. With professional cleaners lending them a hand, however, these people can still live in clean, fresh homes.

How do I know if a cleaning service is trustworthy?

A maid is a stranger, and letting a stranger in your home is never an easy thing to do. Luckily, dependable cleaning companies use extensive screening systems. These include reference and background checks, phone and live interviews, and test cleanings.

All this is done to make sure that the maids they work with are polite, highly-trained professionals who take pride in their job and do not cut corners. More importantly, it also ensures that they’re ethical individuals who will respect the client’s property.

How to hire a house cleaner?

Like all other successful industries in the twenty-first century, the cleaning industry has gone online. Reputable maid services boast easy-to-use online booking forms that enable visitors to schedule cleaning (or even recurring cleanings) in a minute or less.

How to hire a house cleaner?

With the advancements made in mobile phone browsers, it has even become possible to quickly book a pro cleaning without having access to a computer. Scheduling a cleaning online has never been easier.

Needless to say, if the internet isn’t your forte, there’s always the time-tested method of picking up your phone and dialing their number. However you reach out to them, a quality cleaning service will be happy to help you out.

The importance of eco-friendly cleaning supplies

In today’s world, everyone knows how vital it is to use sustainable strategies and to avoid unnecessarily hurting the environment. Going green is critical to people’s health too, which is why nonprofit organizations such as Healthy Schools Campaign work tirelessly to keep eco-friendly cleaning in the limelight.

It goes without saying that top cleaning services use eco-friendly cleaning products that are harmless for you, your pets, and the environment. There is nothing to lose by switching to green cleaning, but a lot to gain.

How to find the best house cleaners near me?

Maids of Baton Rouge is an unparalleled Baton Rouge cleaning service that prides itself on its ability to supply eco-friendly cleanings that keep your home free of allergens, toxins, and harmful bacteria. We’ll go all out to give you the sparkling clean home you deserve.

We reward our loyal customers by offering them up to 40% discount on recurring cleaning plans. Furthermore, our referral program gives you and the people you refer a $25 discount for future cleanings. Book your cleaning today and find out what makes us the best in the business.

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