Who Uses Professional Cleaning Services?

March 29, 2019

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An average American spends nearly 14 hours per week cleaning. That’s essentially a part time job you don’t get paid for. With that in mind, it becomes obvious why many people take advantage of professional Lafayette cleaning services.

how to find cleaning services

You’d be surprised to learn who actually needs cleaning services – everybody. By outsourcing your chores to first-rate cleaning services in Lafayette, you’re getting something more valuable than a pristine home. You’re getting the crucial leisure time you need to do the things you truly cherish, such as treat your loved ones to a tasty snack at the Borden’s Ice Cream.

How to find cleaning services?

Finding the right cleaning company for you depends on your specific needs and situation. There are many different types of cleaning services that range from deep and standard to more specialized post-construction, move in/out, and Airbnb cleaning services.

Ideally, your cleaning company of choice should have extensive experience in the kind of cleaning you need. More importantly, it should also look out for you. All maids should be vetted, interviewed, and background- and reference-checked to ensure maximum safety.

Finally, the maid service should have a quick online booking system that enables you to schedule a cleaning in a minute or less, from any device. Professional cleanings are all about making your life easier and the booking system should facilitate that.

How long should a home cleaning take?

This question has existed ever since our ancestors built their first houses, and the answer hasn’t changed: it depends on many factors.

  • The first is size. Huge manors take much longer to clean than a small one-room apartment does.
  • The second is location. For instance, downtown apartments normally experience a lot more dust buildup than countryside houses do. People who live in damp areas will have to deal with a lot more mud than people living in the suburbs will, and so on.
  • The third factor lies with the residents themselves. Some people are tidier than others. Aging couples generally create a lot less of a mess than families with energetic children. The presence of pets guarantees that a home will have a lot of stray hairs that will need to be disposed of regularly.

What to ask maid cleaning services?

Maids are essentially strangers that you’re letting into your home or place of business. It pays to take the time to learn as much about them and the way the companies they work, as possible.

The vital questions you should ask:

  • How do they set their rates?
  • Do they conduct background and reference checks?
  • Are the cleaners bonded and insured?
  • Where does a typical house cleaning start?
  • Do the cleaning ladies bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment?
  • Do they have a satisfaction guarantee?
  • How will they access your home?
  • Do they have a dependable cleaning checklist?
  • If you have pets, where will they be while the cleaning takes place?
  • What services are included?
  • How long has the cleaning company been in business?
what to ask maid cleaning services

Crucially, you should find out if the cleaning service offers the option of using green cleaning products. After all, what’s more important than preserving the environment your children will grow up in?

Want to know more about green cleaning and why it’s important? You can start by using green cleaning products that meet the Safer Choice Standard.

Your go-to cleaning service in Lafayette

Are you a student studying for important exams? Perhaps you’re a hardworking professional, or a parent with small children who require your undivided attention? Whatever your situation, Geaux Maids of Lafayette provides top-notch Lafayette cleaning services that will make your home squeaky clean in no time.

Give us a call if you have any extra questions, or simply use our hassle-free online booking system to schedule the cleaning of your dreams.

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