How to bring your backyard living area back to life

June 6, 2018

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Claire Hebert

We all want our backyard to be sparkling clean a ready for the summer!

We want to talk to you about getting your pool tiles sparkling clean for the start of outdoor living season, but first we’ll share with you some of this year’s backyard patio trends and what to perhaps retire per

Backyard Patio updated modern

What’s in:

  • Lime green accent colors in cushions, umbrellas, and accent pieces.
  • Vertical or wall gardens consisting of low-maintenance plants and herbs; think potted plants suspended from a trellis, fence, or other vertical support.
  • Hurricane candles, which are super affordable and add great ambiance.

Consider retiring:

  • Tuscan colors, khakis, and yellow-based neutrals, which don’t reflect today’s updated, fresh look.
  • Shabby chic furniture and iron patio sets with intricate details; consider sleek sofas and loveseats with cushions in this summer’s fresh citrus colors like lime green.
  • Multiple patterns in your outdoor cushions, pillows, umbrella, curtains, placemats, etc. Think solid colors for those items and add texture with natural greenery.

So . . . while staying “on trend” is not always possible or desirable (if you love your wrought iron patio chairs and Tuscan-gold cushions, keep them!), what never goes out of style is “sparkling clean” when it comes to your swimming pool. Here are two products that can help remove that ugly build-up on your tiles and bring back their natural beauty:

Scum Bum and White, Green, and Walnut Pads Scum Bum is a highly effective, environmentally safe green cleaner.  It gently dissolves even the toughest scale, mineral deposits, and hard water stains (all of which wreak havoc on pool tile). Use it in the house to remove soap scum, mold, mildew, and more on most non-porous surfaces.

White Pad will scrub without scratching, is nearly twice the size of the grocery store variety, and is extremely durable. For tackling tougher jobs like cleaning the oven or grill, Speed cleaning offers the Green Pad (too abrasive for most tile). And for surfaces like stainless steel, copper, and painted areas, we recommend the Walnut Pad. Learn more about these products and how to order at

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