How to Clean Kitchen Countertops Like a Pro

March 13, 2020

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When it comes to protecting your family from harmful microbes and parasites, having a sparkling clean kitchen is a must. Ensuring the countertops you prepare food on are properly cleaned is crucial in order to prevent the spread of foodborne illness and toxins.

While the best way to keep your countertops pristine is to have them cleaned by professional house cleaners in Baton Rouge, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be able to do it yourself. Read on to learn how to clean your countertops like an expert!

How often should you clean kitchen counters?

How often should you clean kitchen counters

Unlike degreasing your oven or cleaning inside your fridge, you can’t get away with only cleaning your countertops a few times a year. At a minimum, you should give them a good scrubbing once or twice a week.

Keep your countertops clean around-the-clock by:

  • Immediately cleaning any spilled food or drink to prevent it from rotting or hardening;
  • Training your pets not to climb on the counters;
  • Preparing food on an easy-to-wash tray or platter to prevent staining or damaging the counters;
  • When not preparing food, keeping the kitchen windows closed to stop airborne dirt and pollen from falling on the counters.

What is the best way to clean kitchen countertops?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of kitchen countertop cleaning, you must first find out which material your countertops are made of. This will determine which cleaning methods and products can be used to clean your countertops without damaging them.

Here’s how to clean your kitchen counters:

  • Wood countertops should be cleaned daily with a mild cleaning product. You can use a metal pastry scraper or a spatula to gently scrape off any food residue. After each cleaning, dry off the counters using a soft cloth. Since wood is susceptible to cracking and warping, you should seal it regularly with a food-grade oil or wax.What is the best way to clean kitchen countertops
  • Marble and granite counters should be cleaned using non-abrasive dish soap before being wiped with a microfiber towel. Despite their toughness, these types of counters still need to be resealed once in a while. Marble should be resealed every couple of months, while granite only needs it once a year.
  • Laminate countertops are famous for their durability. They don’t require any resealing, and they can be cleaned using a gentle household cleaner and a soft, damp cloth. Even so, you should avoid using harsh household cleaners, scouring pads, or steel wool.
  • Quartz and engineered stone counters are like laminate counters in that they don’t require any resealing and are famously tough. You don’t need anything more than mild soap and warm water to clean these countertops. Even stubborn stains can be cleaned using a soft sponge and an everyday glass cleaner.

Can I use dish soap to clean countertops?

It depends. If your counters are made of stainless steel, engineered stone, quartz, marble, granite, or soapstone, you can use non-abrasive dish soap to clean them. Other materials such as wood or laminate need different cleaning products.

If you’re not sure which cleaning products to use or how to apply them, consider giving a reputable maid service a call and learning from the best.

Where can I hire the finest house cleaners in Baton Rouge?

Dealing with dirty kitchen cabinets, drawers, and countertops can be extremely tiring and time-consuming. Worse, you usually have to do it after you’ve already spent most of the day on your feet, preparing food and taking care of children.

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