A Guide to a Clutter‐Free Airbnb

September 30, 2021

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Claire Hebert

Whether you’re renting only a room or an entire apartment, your guests don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the things they don’t actually need. You should keep this in mind when decorating and cleaning your Airbnb.

A professional Airbnb cleaner from one of the dependable companies in Lafayette, LA would be of great help in dealing with the clutter around your place. But, if you prefer doing it yourself, take a look at the following tips on how to declutter your Airbnb and make it enjoyable for your guests.

How do I declutter my Airbnb?

Eliminating the unnecessary items in your Airbnb may be demanding and very time‐consuming, especially if there’s plenty of them. However, once you do it, your guests will feel more comfortable and it will be much easier for you to properly clean and disinfect the entire place.

Make some room

Your guests travel with their own belongings, so make sure you leave enough space for the item they bring. You should not excessively decorate or clutter places designated for their personal items, toiletries, and clothes. These areas are the wardrobe, shelf, desk, or the bedside table.

Focus on the bathroom and kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens should be functional and not crammed with the stuff that your guests are never going to use. It’s great to include a bottle opener in your kitchen equipment, but that banana slicer is not that essential. A conditioner is a useful bathroom amenity, but it’s enough to have one brand, not four of them.

Remove leftovers

Your guests might leave different items behind, some of them even unopened, so it can be tempting for you to keep them. However, you should be careful since these can accumulate over time and it can be uncomfortable for your future guests to use them.

Keep it organized

Let your space show you how to organize it. If your shelf can hold five nicely folded towels, then don’t try stacking up one more – you’ll make it look messy. You should regularly check linens and other amenities and supplies without hesitating to discard or donate anything that’s surplus or worn out.

When you’ve streamlined all your amenities, display them in the best possible way. You can have a perfectly organized and easy to use cabinet by arranging everything by category in different baskets.

Balance between clutter‐free and cozy

Keeping your space clutter‐free doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make it cozy or stylish. You can organize your space depending on the type of your property, the available space, and your own style. These are the guidelines you can follow to balance your Airbnb:

  • Avoid being too personal. This means you should avoid placing personal items, your kid’s artwork, or family photos around the guest areas.
  • Show personality. Add a special touch to your place with some local artwork, unique mirror, or an alternative style piece of furniture.
  • Add decoratives, but don’t exaggerate. When placed in a meaningful way, be it a small sculpture, throw pillow, or a plant, these items give your place a warm and cozy feel.

How do I declutter my Airbnb Where to find a dependable Airbnb cleaner in Lafayette, LA?

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