Hidden Locations That Harbor Dirt: And What To Do About Them

October 19, 2018

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Tips On Cleaning Overlooked Areas From Lafayette’s Geaux Maids

We are surrounded by many items and accessories in our houses. And you have done your best to keep the home safe and secure for you and your family. In fact you have secretly gloried in being called a clean freak. Yet, you have surprised yourself because you can’t seem to get your clothes smelling fresh. There also seems to be a lingering smell that you can’t shake off in the kitchen. Luckily, Geaux Maids is here to show you the reasons that you might have these issues, as well as what to do about them. Keep reading to find tips from Lafayette maids that can keep your home as clean as you think it should be.

Deep Cleaning That Most Homeowners Miss

The Kitchen Trash Bin

We always assume because the trash can is meant for trash that it should remain dirty. Well, that is not the case. A trash can that remains dirty will have bacteria growing freely. It will make the inhabitants of the home susceptible to infections. Trash that stays in one place is also bound to cause a reek. Ensure that you thoroughly wash the trash can after every empty.

Cleaning The Coffee Maker & Other Appliances

There is an odd taste that has been accompanying your morning coffee. That interesting taste could just be from the brewing residue and from hard water which also leaves behind deposits. You can clean the coffee maker by running half a portion of white vinegar mixed with half a portion of water through the machine. Then run water through the machine until it is free of the vinegar taste.

Cleaning Everyday Home Fixtures

You interact with door knobs, handles and switches on an everyday basis. People assume that these items remain clean while in constant use. This is not the case as people leave dirt on them. They could be a haven for bacteria transfer if not checked. Be sure to clean them constantly when wiping down surfaces.

Curtains and Upholstery

Other household items that are easily overlooked are curtains and upholstery. They tend to feel like a part of the house and hence are often times neglected. Be sure to dust them often using the vacuum cleaner. Take to washing them once every so often to keep them clean if advised. Make sure that you are properly washing curtains in your home in order to keep them clean and in best condition.


This is another household appliance that could be harboring a ton of dirt. Murk easily collects in a wet environment with food remains, fat, and hard-water deposits being filtered. When this collates it gives rise to stink and mold. We recommend that you clean the dishwasher filter and finish off by taking the machine through a cleaning cycle using a tough cleaning agent.

Washing Machine

We also know your washing machine can be culprit to giving your clothes an unpleasant smell. This could be due to mildew that forms from the constantly damp state. You can easily rid the machine of this smell by taking it through the hottest cycle with a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda.

Deep Cleaning Your Lafayette Bathroom

Your bathroom is under constant use. It can quickly harbor bacteria. We recommend that you clean these places with a disinfectant regularly. Be sure to wipe down the bathroom items like toothbrush holders.

Throw Pillows

We have discovered that throw pillows also harbor enough dirt in form of dead skin. It can quickly collect and be a health risk. Launder the pillow cases on a regular basis. Wipe down the throw pillows when you are wiping surfaces as well. Visit when in need of cleaning services across the board. We will ensure that every part of your house is kept spotlessly clean.




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