Does it Make Financial Sense to Hire a House Cleaner?

October 22, 2018

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Geaux Maids of Lafayette Details How To Know If A Maid Service Makes Sense For You

For a couple of days now, you’ve been struggling to arrive at a convincing conclusion, either to throw in the towel or to keep getting it done yourself. A few weeks ago, I had a chat with some colleagues about the issue of whether or not to hire a cleaner. I don’t recall how we got onto this topic, but I can most definitely recall the valuable information that we shared, that I think would be helpful to anyone stuck in the dilemma of whether or not hiring a Lafayette cleaner makes the most sense for them.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Hiring A Cleaner?

Balancing Your Budget Vs. What You Need

Generally, the charge of house cleaners ranges from $15-$45 per hour which could be what your budget can reasonably handle. However, other factors can influence the price. Pets, location, lifestyle and additional services can notably increase your rate. For instance, Geaux Maids has superb additional services that are so beneficial to your home, but won’t make you break your bank.

Conclusion: A general cleaning may be reasonably priced, but make sure that you get a detailed custom estimate based on your needs.


Estimate Your Own Worth

I know you own a priceless personality, but you won’t object to the idea of what an hour of your time is worth. So, evaluate or calculate your hourly time worth. After that, personally track the time spent doing the cleaning yourself for a week at least, then, think about how much you are entitled to earn by yourself. Use your result to analyze the cost benefit of hiring a house cleaner. The luxury you will enjoy from a hired cleaning is swiftness and professional service, which will undoubtedly cost you less in hiring them instead of doing it yourself.

Conclusion: Don’t sell yourself short; if you spend too much time cleaning, consider saving your hours by spending a little money on a cleaner.


Get Recommendations For Lafayette, LA Cleaning Companies

It might catch you by surprise that some of your friends, co-workers, or neighbors hire cleaners. The vital importance of seeking personal recommendations is golden, since enlisting a house cleaner could be tagged as hiring a contractor. Acquire their opinions, get the facts, and evaluate the rate in your area.

Conclusion: You’d be shocked who could recommend a cleaner for you! Ask your friends and family if they can recommend a local cleaner.


Corporate Cleaners Vs. Independent Cleaners

This is another critical point that needs to be considered when making your decision. Fact is, corporate charges are higher than that of local independent cleaners. But it pays. Corporate cleaners like Geaux Maids are insured, bonded, licensed, and run a background check on our company’s employees, and this will helps a lot in keeping your home and valuables safe and secure. In sharp contrast, you can’t enjoy this luxury with an independent cleaner, only that the price would win over the corporate, but you wouldn’t want to worry about the security of your home or belongings just to save a little money.

Conclusion: Don’t let your wallet do all the talking.

So overall, you need to make an informed decision about whether or not a pro cleaning service is best for you, based on a little research and intelligence. If you need more info to make a decision, check out some of the resources available at


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