Here’s Why Hiring A Professional Cleaner Is Always Better

October 15, 2018

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Geaux Maids’ Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Lafayette Maid Service

Quite frankly, believe it or not, our offices and homes can actually be very dirty places. In fact, it has been said that the average space used either as a house or office space is home to a likely 10 million bacteria. And that’s the average home or office space; mind you we are not even talking about the particularly messy or dirty spaces like those ones whose owners give little or no concern to effective cleaning.

Is A Professional Home Cleaning Really Necessary?

Truth be told, it is understood that you take time out trying to keep things tidy on your own, but your cleaning routine might not be as effective as you think it is. From those little oversights to some necessarily ignored thick scrubbing needed, to other cabinet and floor cleaning expertise that you may just not have. You need to know that, as important as good cleaning habits are in life, and needed to be cultivated by all and sundry, trying to be the god of cleanliness all by yourself sometimes just won’t work.
For these reasons, among others, hiring a professional cleaner in Lafayette for your home or office is often the best approach. This way, you can be assured of a deep clean that will leave your home or office better suited not just for you, but for your guests as well.

What Are The Benefits Of A Lafayette Cleaning Service?

The following are benefits attached to letting professional cleaning services take charge of the cleaning activities at your space, from

  • preventing health hazards to
  • reducing the spread of germs and bacteria,
  • promoting a healthy life,
  • attracting more clients on the office front,
  • providing a better work environment for your employees,
  • Promoting healthier relationships, the list is just endless.

8 Reasons You Need A Housekeeper – Infographic

To help achieve these benefits and more, Geaux maids provide the following services to residents of Lafayette: 

Lafayette Post Construction Cleaning

It is not news that once you have completed work on a building either targeted for commercial or residential purposes, or completed a mild renovation on an existing structure, you’ll need detailed construction cleanup services, definitely. At Geaux maids, post construction cleaning at Lafayette, LA and environs is one of our expertises. We make boast of having the best hands and equipment needed to turn a debris and other refuse gathered heap as a result of construction work into a neatly, cleaned and organized environment.

Lafayette Move-Out Cleaning

Yeah, due to a change of jobs or other surrounding circumstances, there may be a need to change locations and with that comes moving out and moving in. While most persons certain times do ignore the importance of move out cleaning, at Geaux maids, when it comes to move-out cleaning at Lafayette, LA and suburbs we know just how important this is as it’s necessary to get your home or office environment looking even better than it did when you first moved in as it speaks volume of what you represent.

Geaux Maids doesn’t just focus on the above cleaning. Instead, we put our hearts into providing a thorough, efficient clean for any location. Our services range from one time cleans to recurring cleaning that you can easily schedule from our website. To check out more benefits of our premier 12 point cleaning system, or to schedule your own cleaning and let our work speak for itself, check out


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