What to Clean First in Your New Home

November 30, 2023

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Settling into a new space is exciting, but the mess can be overwhelming. You might choose to hire a move-in cleaning service in Baton Rouge to ensure that your new home is pristine and welcoming from the moment you step through the door. Still, if you choose to tackle this challenge yourself, you should know how to get started. Let’s see which parts of the home we should tidy first in a new home.

What should I clean first when moving house?

Prioritizing hygiene maintenance tasks when settling into a new home can set the stage for a fresh start. Here’s where to direct your efforts first:

1. Deep clean the kitchen

Start with the kitchen, as it’s the heart of the home and a high-traffic area. Take care of the refrigerator, stove, and pantry before you unpack your dishes and groceries. Ensure countertops and cabinets are sanitized and ready for use.

2. Sanitize the bathrooms

Bathrooms are crucial for cleanliness. Disinfect toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Pay special attention to tile grout and fixtures where grime can accumulate.

3. Tackle the bedrooms

Clean the bedrooms next, particularly if you plan to move in furniture the same day. Wipe down closets, shelves, and ensure the floors are spotless before laying down any rugs or installing bed frames.

4. Address the living areas

Living rooms and common areas should be welcoming and dust-free. Wipe the windows, mop floors, and dust light fixtures to brighten up the space instantly.

5. Focus on flooring

Whether carpet or hardwood, floors should be thoroughly vacuumed or mopped. Consider professional carpet washing for a deeper cleanse, especially in high-traffic zones.

6. Wipe down surfaces and fixtures

Door handles, light switches, and countertops across your new home should be wiped down. These small touches not only make your home cleaner but also help to reduce the spread of germs during the moving process.

7. Look up

Don’t forget to work from top to bottom. Ceiling fans, overhead lighting, and shelving can gather dust which can easily spread to other areas of your home.

8. Ventilation system

Replacing air filters and cleaning vents contribute to better air quality in your new home. This is especially important for allergy sufferers or when previous occupants had pets.

9. Outdoor spaces

If your new home comes with an outdoor area, giving it a preliminary general cleanup can make it more inviting. Sweep patios, wipe down outdoor furniture, and clear any debris from entrances.

10. Enlist a professional service

For thoroughness and efficiency, a move-in cleaning service in Baton Rouge can cover all these bases proficiently. Professionals have the tools and expertise to deep clean quickly and effectively, giving you peace of mind.

Final note

In your previous home, ensuring that you’ve left it tidy for the next occupants is just as important. Understanding room-by-room sanitizing strategies can be invaluable in this process. While focusing on the obvious areas, don’t overlook the often-forgotten places in the home. These details matter and can affect your security deposit or the sale of your home.

Moreover, the act of tidying your new home isn’t just about hygiene; it’s also about making the space yours. The psychology of tidying a new home plays a significant role in feeling settled and comfortable in your new surroundings.

What should I clean first when moving house

How do I find a top-rated move-in cleaning service in Baton Rouge and the surrounding area?

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