4 Essential Deep House Cleaning Tips

January 26, 2022

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Even if you are dedicated to your upkeep tasks and maintain the cleanliness of your home on a regular basis, you still need to do a more thorough clean‐up from time to time. While it may sound a bit overwhelming, there are easy ways to do it.

Booking a professional house cleaning service at one of the reliable companies in New Orleans is a sure way to get your home spick and span. However, if you’d like to take up this venture on your own, keep reading for some great deep house cleaning tips.

What should I pay attention to when deep cleaning my home?

You may already have your clean‐up routine and feel like you have it under control, but there’s always a bit of room to improve your checklist or make it more comprehensive. Have a look at these useful tips.


The part where you get rid of any clutter laying around your home actually belongs to the prep stage of deep cleaning. It is very important not to skip it since it makes the whole clean‐up process much easier and seeing the clutter‐free space around you is a visual boost to your motivation. This is also a great opportunity to finally let go of all the stuff you don’t really use anymore.

High to low

If you follow this direction as you clean, you won’t miss a spot. People tend to forget about the uppermost part of a room and often fail to clean ceilings, trims and light fixtures. The truth is, anything that’s above eye level doesn’t require too much effort. Simple tools like a microfiber cloth dampened with warm water will do just fine to remove any dust and dirt that accumulates here.


If tending to the walls isn’t a part of your checklist, worry not because you’re not the only one. Horizontal surfaces are what people pay most attention to, and walls just don’t belong here. However, they do accumulate dirt, especially around the areas you often touch such as doorways and switch plates.

Wipe your walls from ceiling to floor with a dry cloth first, and then gently go over the stains with a microfiber cloth dipped in a solution of warm water and several drops of a mild dish detergent.

Laundry appliances

Your washer and dryer also need a regular clean or they may fail to function properly and even start to smell. Taking good care of your appliances isn’t as tough as you might initially think, and there’s just a couple of tricks to it:

  • To sanitize your washer, pour a cup of baking soda into the detergent compartment and a cup of white vinegar into the fabric softener compartment. Then, run the hottest cycle, and your machine will be as good as new.
  • The dryer is a bit more complicated to clean. First of all, unplug the device. Then vacuum the lint trap with a crevice attachment and remove the exterior vent to clean it.

Next, remove the exhaust duct and use a brush to remove lint (you can vacuum any remaining debris). Finally, make your own cleaning solution with one part water and one part white vinegar and wipe down the drum.

What companies offer comprehensive house cleaning service in New Orleans?

house cleaning services in New Orleans If your home gives you clear signs that it needs a deep clean, then it’s time you reach out to Geaux Maids of New Orleans. Our professional, bonded, and insured specialists always go out of their way to give your home the treatment it deserves.

Leave your home’s cleanliness in our hands and have a relaxing time with your loved ones at the New Orleans City Park. We guarantee you’ll be more than happy with the results. If not – we’ll come back and make it right, free of charge. Call now!

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