Top 5 Benefits of Professional Deep Cleaning

June 19, 2020

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A standard cleaning encompasses the everyday vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and generally tidying up that we all do on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. As effective as this type of cleaning can be, it rarely deals with hard-to-reach or out-of-the-way areas in your house. 

That’s where deep cleaning comes in. This is a special type of cleaning that focuses on removing deeply ingrained grime from your home that you wouldn’t otherwise bother with during a standard cleaning. Because of what it entails, deep cleaning is usually only done 3-4 times a year. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going strong, many Americans have chosen to use professional deep house cleaning services in Baton Rouge, LA. This begs the question: what can the experts do that you can’t do yourself? That’s what we’ll be focusing on in this article. Read on to learn more.

What are the top 5 benefits of hiring a deep cleaning service?

Many homeowners wrongly assume that professional cleaners couldn’t possibly clean their houses as well as they themselves can. This is almost never the case. The reality is that the experts have seen it all when it comes to cleaning. This enables them to determine the optimal cleaning approach within moments of entering a property. 

Here are the 5 most important benefits of booking a professional deep cleaning:

1. In-depth disinfection

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak began, reputable cleaning companies have been up to their necks in disinfection requests. By now, they have optimized their disinfection techniques to such a degree that they’re unmatched when it comes to making sure your home is clean and germ-free

2. Better indoor air quality 

Dirt, allergens, dust, pet dander, and other unhealthy substances tend to build up over time in difficult-to-reach areas such as inside light fixtures and behind furniture. The pros have the tools and the know-how necessary to effectively clean these areas. 

3. Long term savings

The average American spends $40-50 each month on cleaning products, and about 6 hours a week on the cleaning itself (even longer if they’re performing a deep cleaning). That’s the equivalent of a part-time job! 

By outsourcing the cleaning to the pros, you’ll not only be getting a squeaky clean house, you’ll also have more free time that you can spend doing productive things. Or you could simply use that leisure time to enjoy a pleasant walk near the Raising Cane’s River Center with your loved ones. 

4. The pros have the best tools

It doesn’t matter how hard you mop or scrub, the equipment and cleaning products you use won’t work as well as the professional cleaning tools used by career cleaners. Furthermore, the experts know exactly which supplies to use on which materials to achieve the best effects. 

5. Unparalleled speed

Depending on how big your house is, it may take anywhere between 5-6 hours and a couple days to deep clean it completely. Since successful cleaning companies have much more experience performing deep cleanings than any homeowner ever could, they’re able to render this service much faster. 

Who provides the most reliable deep house cleaning services in Baton Rouge, LA?

What does deep cleaning service include

With everything that’s happening in the US right now, it’s no surprise that Americans are feeling depressed and unable to find the motivation to clean their homes. If this is your situation, don’t worry. Here at Geaux Maids of Baton Rouge, we’ll be happy to lend you a helping hand.

As the premier cleaning company in Baton Rouge and other Louisiana communities, we’re uniquely equipped to offer you the full range of cleaning services, including the finest deep cleanings in Louisiana. Reach out to us today. 

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