Where Can You Find the Best Home Cleaning Service in Baton Rouge?

June 7, 2019

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Not everyone can clean their home on their own. Maybe you’re a student cramming for a crucial exam, or perhaps you’re working a demanding job that takes up most of your time. Or maybe you just dislike cleaning and would rather outsource it to someone else.

Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to try out a professional house cleaning service in Baton Rouge. Excellent choice! But wait, how do you find the top home cleaning service? What makes one cleaning company better than another, anyway?

You’ll find the answers to all these questions in this article. Read on to learn more!

What makes a great home cleaning service?

Like every successful business, a quality cleaning company respects its customers and focuses on giving them the most value for their money. This means that, apart from providing lightning-fast home cleanings, they also offer a slew of other benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

  • 100% happiness guarantee. A reputable maid service will allow you to notify them about any problems you have with the cleaning you received. They will then dispatch a follow-up cleaning crew that will re-do the problematic area for free.
  • Discounts on recurring cleaning plans. First-rate cleaning companies cherish each customer and will reward returning clients by providing increasing discounts depending on how frequently the client uses their services.
  • Top-notch cleaning supplies. Not only do professional maids bring their own cleaning products, they will use only safe cleaning supplies that have been approved by trusted organizations such as the American Cleaning Institute.

How can I make my house clean easier?

Two words: plan ahead. This may seem excessive for an everyday activity like home cleaning, but trust us when we tell you that a little foresight can greatly simplify your cleaning and make frequent cleanings less time-consuming.

Things you can do to make your cleaning easier include:

  • Gather any cleaning supplies you’ll need in a single basket so you don’t have to make additional trips to the laundry room midway through the cleaning.
  • Clean the uppermost areas first so that the excess dirt and dust falls to the floor. Then just vacuum it all in one go.
  • Start with the messiest rooms. When it comes to what should be cleaned first, the dirtiest rooms are the best choice because you don’t want to deal with them later on after you’ve already gotten tired.

What is a professional house cleaning checklist?

What is a professional house cleaning checklist Career maids follow rigid checklists to make sure they never forget anything and that they always provide the best cleaning possible. Of course, different types of cleaning and areas of the house require specialized checklists.

Some of these checklists include:

  • General (vacuuming, dusting, mopping, removing cobwebs, cleaning light switches and door knobs, cleaning blinds and window ledges, etc.)
  • Bathroom (cleaning and polishing the mirror, cleaning and disinfecting the bathtub, toilet, and sink, cleaning cabinets, sills, and handles, etc.)
  • Kitchen (cleaning the inside and outside of the microwave, cleaning the top of the stove, cleaning and polishing the hood vent, cleaning counters, etc.)
  • Bedroom (making beds, fluffing pillows and cushions, folding blankets, etc.)
  • Extra services (cleaning inside windows, cabinets, and appliances, doing the laundry, cleaning the walls, etc.)

What is a first-rate house cleaning service in Baton Rouge?

Why would you spend all your time dusting and vacuuming, when you could relax outside or go watch a thrilling play at the Swine Palace? Geaux Maids of Baton Rouge is here to make it happen!

We’re a peerless cleaning company in Louisiana that specializes in sending the very finest professional cleaners straight to your doorstep. Schedule a cleaning today using our 60-second online booking system. You’ll have a sparkling clean home in no time!

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