How to make your own green cleaning supplies like Geaux Maids New Orleans

August 10, 2017

Claire Hebert

Claire Hebert

Synthetic cleaners made with non-green products could be very hazardous to you and your home. The best way to reduce your exposure to toxins is to use green cleaning supplies. With green cleaners, you do not need to worry about toxic residue, poisoning and unnecessarily protecting yourself to avoid such dangers. Moreover, green cleaners are highly important in homes with children and pregnant women and interestingly you can make your own green cleaning supplies in a breeze. It is necessary to pay attention to the choice of ingredients used. Ingredients known to be non-toxic should be used and they should be mixed in the required quantity just like maids New Orleans.

Here are a few green cleaning supplies you can easily make.

An All-Purpose Cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide has an excellent property; non-toxic, readily available and cheap. It is safe to use and often used in open wound. Hydrogen peroxide is odorless and a stronger cleaning agent than vinegar. Most interestingly, it does not have harmful environmental or health effect.

  1. Add a cup of hydrogen peroxide to an already provided two cups of water.
  2. Add one-quarter cup of acid lemon juice to the mixture
  3. Mix the ingredients and allow them to stand.

Here are the ingredients required:

  • Two cups of water.
  • A cup of hydrogen peroxide.
  • One-quarter cup of lemon juice.

Glass Cleaner

Keeping the windows and mirrors clean is important for the health of your home. The ingredients should be stored in a spray bottle but it is advised not to clean windows on a hot sunny day to avoid quick drying of the spray.

  1. Add half cup of white or cider vinegar to two cups of water.
  2. Add one-quarter cup of alcohol with 70% concentration to the mixture.
  3. To give the solution a scented aroma, add one to two drops of orange essential oil to the mixture.
  4. Mix the ingredients together and leave them in a spray bottle.

Here are the ingredients required:

  • Two cups of water.
  • Half cup of cider or white vinegar.
  • Quarter cup of alcohol.
  • One or two drops of orange essential oil.

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