Getting Out Those Pesky, Stubborn Carpet Stains!

May 24, 2017

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Claire Hebert

It’s safe to say that staining your carpet at some point in time is inevitable. We try our level best not to spill anything on our carpets and while WE may succeed, there will always be someone else who’ll do the damage on your behalf! What’s worse, when spills have enough time to sit, they are ten times harder to get out! Nonetheless, it’s not a lost cause because we’re going to teach you how to remove various types of carpet stains using two different methods without the need of a cleaning service.

Oil and Grease

Various foods, cosmetics and household products can lead to greasy or oily stains. To get them out may require a few repeated processes but it’s worth it! You’ll need any type of dry cleaning solvent and a bunch of clean white cloths for this.

  1. Start by pouring a little solvent onto the cloth; just enough to dampen it, not soak
  2. Dab the stain repeatedly until the cloth begins to stain
  3. Use another clean side (or another cloth) with more solvent and repeat this process three or four times
  4. After the carpet dries up, the stain will have lightened significantly. Use this method multiple times until the stain has vanished but remember to allow the carpet to dry up each time before doing it again
  5. If you’d like to rinse out the solvent from your carpet, take clean damp cloth and gently wipe the area

This method can be used for stains caused by the following:

  • Butter
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cheese
  • Beauty Creams/Lotions
  • Makeup
  • All types of Oil
  • Grease

Wine and Other Beverages

If you live in or around New Orleans, chances are you’ve visited one of the countless restaurants and taken home a bottle or two of the best ones you tasted there. But when you spill that wine on your carpet, it makes you wish you never did! That needn’t be the anymore, however, because a wine stain on your carpet can be removed using the following method:

  1. Dip a clean, white kitchen towel in (fabric) stain remover and wring it slightly till there is no dripping
  2. Start blotting the area, replacing the towel(s) when stained
  3. Take a fresh towel dipped in stain remover and gently hold it down on the stain for about a minute and remove
  4. After a few minutes of sitting time, dab a dry cloth over the area to remove as much moisture as possible
  5. Pour a little white vinegar onto a clean cloth and blot the stain some more until most of the stain is transferred onto the cloth
  6. If the stain is still fairly evident, place a vinegar-soaked and wrung cloth over it and leave for half an hour
  7. By now the wine stain will have been removed and you can finish off by wiping the area with a clean, damp cloth

Other stains which can be removed using the same process include:

  • Beer
  • Juice
  • Cola
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Ketchup/Sauces
  • Chocolate
  • Dairy Products

If this doesn’t work, give Geaux Maids a call and ask about our residential house cleaning service or apartment cleaning service to see if we can help you!

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