Commercial Cleaning is Essential for All Businesses

July 3, 2017

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Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is essential for the success of your business. Hiring a commercial cleaning service provider to take care of all your cleaning needs is a better idea. Commercial cleaners are more efficient and well-trained on different tools and methodology. Cleaning task for offices and commercial spaces include:

  • Vacuum entire hard floor
  • Vacuum all mats and carpet
  • Mop the hard floor with disinfectant
  • Dusting of accessories
  • Dusting of electronic equipment at the office
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Wipe and clean all internal glass
  • Spot clean painted surface and walls
  • Collect bottles, paper, garbage
  • Ensure all areas are clean and properly arranged


The purpose of every business is to achieve success in whatever business they are associated with. Most of the time, a business opportunity comes when someone from business circles pays a visit to your office. If the office is well-maintained and clean, it creates a good impression about the company. The first impression actually works in business. It makes people believe that the company is professional and reliable. It increases the credibility of the company.

Following are the major reasons for hiring a commercial cleaning service provider:

    • Professionalism

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you can rely on their professionalism. They are efficient and understand the client’s needs. Chances of meeting the expectation are almost 100%.

    • Experience

Most of the commercial cleaners are experienced enough to meet all your cleaning needs successfully. They will carry out their task without disturbing your office environment. A commercial cleaning service provider caters to specific or tailor-made needs of companies.

    • Staffing

Commercial cleaning companies are adept at handling large commercial spaces and offices. They have a fair idea of how many people should be deployed for a particular task.

    • Security

Companies who provide commercial cleaning services are by and large licensed and insured. Even if something gets damaged or broken, they will take care of that. You don’t need to worry for anything.

    • Reasonable

Office cleaning is not an easy task, it requires certain skills. Even if you hire a cleaning person, it will be quite an expensive affair because you have to pay them a fixed salary even if there’s no work for them. The best part of hiring commercial cleaning services is that they offer their services at a very low rate. It ultimately saves you lot of money.


Geaux Maids Office Cleaning and Janitorial is a leading name in commercial cleaning in Louisiana. We provide a complete commercial cleaning solution for your business. Our services include:

    • Office Cleaning

We understand the importance of cleanliness and business productivity. Since the office is a reflection of the business, it has to be maintained that way. Our office cleaning services are inclusive of these activities:

      1. Trash collection and its removal and recycling
      2. Cleaning of entrance, reception area
      3. Foyer cleaning
      4. Elevator and stair cleaning
      5. Dusting of horizontal surfaces
      6. Polishing, sweeping and mopping of floors
      7. Vacuuming of carpets and Rugs
    • Comprehensive Cleaning

We are one of those janitors in Louisiana who provide comprehensive cleaning for their customers. In short, we cater to the specific needs of the customers such as floor cleaning, surface cleaning, restroom cleaning, trash removal and kitchen cleaning.

    • Medical Facility Cleaning

We are very skilled and efficient at handling the cleaning needs of a medical facility. We have the core expertise and a pool of skilled workforce to carry out this task successfully. These are the key features of our medical facility cleaning:

    1. Cleaning plan details in written
    2. All employees comply with safety norms such as wearing gloves
    3. Compliance with medical cleaning standards
    4. Compliance with OSHA rules
    5. Use of private label products to meet all labelling requirements


We are a very customer centric company which provides most effective and reasonable commercial cleaning services to our clients. Our staff is friendly and well-trained in using the latest technology for cleaning. Our cleaning schedules are quite flexible and we perform all our tasks as per the convenience of our clients. Apart from that, we lay stress on quality. We believe quality is important when it comes to commercial cleaning service.

Reasons for choosing Geaux Maids Office Cleaning and Janitorial are:

  • Hard work
  • Security
  • Dedication
  • Cleaning Audits
  • Reputation
  • Great Value
  • Training

Hire a commercial cleaning service provider to make your business a success!

Geaux Maids offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services at an affordable rate. For more details, please call us at (504) 475-4823

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