5 Myths about House Cleaning

September 4, 2017

Claire Hebert

Claire Hebert

Most of myths about house cleaning arise from myths and misinformation in the industry. It is important to study upon a given cleaning solution or concept before arriving at a conclusion no matter who holds a theory in favor or against it. These five myths are very common but there are several other myths that keep people in the wrong path when it comes to house cleaning.

  1. Commercial Grade Products are Better than Homemade Products

Homemade cleaning solutions are in most cases better than commercial grade cleaning solutions, provided they are subjected to similar scrutiny in ingredient mixing. Such products tend to be less harsh, customized and safer and in most cases will save you more money.

  1. Using Steam cleaning for carpets will cause mold to grow

Of course, molds grow in wet and dirty places but steam cleaning does not create such an environment. Steam cleaning removes the grime and dirt and keeps the temperature so high that the bacteria left would be destroyed.

  1. Carpet Wears When Frequently Vacuumed

Frequent vacuuming does not wear carpets but rather extends its life. However, carpets wear when it accumulates dirt, stains and foot traffic. The actual thing is a direct opposite of this myth. Vacuuming will keep the carpet looking fresher and makes the fibers less twisted.

  1. More Cleaning Solution is Better for Tough Jobs

This is a very common myth but it is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, you may end up marring the entire cleaning job and leaving some sticky residue behind with more cleaning solution. However, using specialty product in small amount may do the work perfectly. It is important to find out the adequate quantity of cleaning solution to use before cleaning.

  1. Bleach is better than any other cleaning solution

While bleach can actually clean anything presented to it, it is very unsafe. Bleach should be used with utmost precaution and must be kept away from kids, pets and the throat, eyes and nose. However, you can try several safer alternatives to bleach and use bleach only as the last resort.

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