4 Post‐Construction Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

July 19, 2021

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Renovating your home is an exciting project, but the clean-up that ensues can be quite a complicated and complex undertaking. Since this isn’t a typical clean‐up, and you certainly don’t tackle post‐renovation mess every day, the risk of making mistakes is big, causing only more work in the end.

You should always hire professionals for this kind of job, and there are reliable businesses in Lafayette, LA that offer excellent post‐construction cleaning services. But, if you want to take up this venture on your own, make sure to check out the things you should definitely avoid during this process. Read on.

What should I not do during a post‐construction cleaning?

While it doesn’t seem too complicated, this type of cleaning can go wrong if you overlook certain aspects or areas. For your clean‐up to go as smoothly as possible, have a look at some of the most common mistakes.

Not tending to the garbage regularly

Construction or renovation projects can last for quite some time, depending on the kind of work that’s being carried out. Some projects take up a few days, but others can last for as long as several weeks.

If you or your workers don’t remove trash regularly, it piles up and it will be more difficult to get rid of it down the line. More importantly, those piles easily become the breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. So, make sure to remove the garbage on a daily basis.

Using the wrong tools

With different kinds of work being done during the construction process, there are also different types of construction debris to clean up and different types of surfaces to be cleaned. Certain debris should be swept while other can be vacuumed; some surfaces need to be scrubbed while others should be wiped down.

Using the right tools and supplies is crucial, since a wrong choice can do more harm than good. Before you start cleaning, make sure you check exactly which tools you’ll need on your way.

Neglecting corners

Nooks and corners are the spots that you can easily overlook, but failing to clean them can result in accumulated dirt which will spoil your hard work just when you think everything’s done. These spots are also convenient for insects to nest, so make sure to properly tend to each and every possible corner of the construction area.

Not separating waste

Whether you have construction workers around your place, or you prefer DIY projects, different kinds of things will be thrown around the site. An efficient thing to do here is to separate this waste into organic and inorganic.

This way, not only will you have a more organized waste management, but you’ll also benefit from it since organic waste can be used as garden fertilizer. Even if you don’t cultivate your own garden, instead of letting it rot in a landfill, you can gift it to a gardener friend who’ll surely love it.

Where in Lafayette, LA can I book quality post‐construction cleaning services?

Lafayette, LA post‐construction cleaning services Whether you only need some tips about post‐construction cleaning, or you’d like a detailed checklist of cleaning tasks, Geaux Maids of Lafayette is the right company for you. We offer extensive cleaning service, and our team is made of insured and bonded cleaning professionals who make sure that every client receives proper care and satisfaction.

Leave your home in good hands as you take your time to reconnect with nature in the lovely Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. Reach out to us and find out why we are your go‐to company. Call us today!

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