How to Clean Your Newly Built or Renovated Home Like a Pro

August 18, 2020

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Trying to sell or move into a brand new home without first giving it an extensive post-construction cleaning in Baton Rouge is a recipe for disaster. This is because, in addition to debris and regular dirt, new construction tends to be full of construction dust.

Construction dust is a general term that describes the various types of toxic or otherwise harmful dust that can be found in a freshly built or renovated home. Unfortunately, effectively removing construction dust and debris using regular cleaning supplies can be extremely hard, if not impossible.

This is where post-construction cleaning comes in. This is a specialized type of cleaning service that utilizes advanced cleaning techniques and equipment that are specifically designed to get new construction ready for use. Read on to learn more.

How do you clean a new construction home?

Start by gathering your cleaning supplies in an easy-to-carry basket or bag. These supplies include a vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, dust mask, bucket, paper towels, brush, sponge, soap, feather duster, rubbing alcohol, rags, dustpan, and a cleaning solution.

Once you’ve put your dust mask and rubber gloves on, start cleaning:

  • Wipe down all ceilings using a damp sponge.
  • Remove window labels.
  • Vacuum all window tracks.
  • Wash the interior and exterior of all windows.
  • Vacuum all the cupboards and drawers.
  • Put your cleaning solution in a bucket, grab some soft rags, and wipe down all surfaces.
  • Thoroughly clean the bathrooms and the kitchen.
  • Vacuum the interior of the cooling and heating ducts.
  • Vacuum the carpets, or wash them with carpet shampoo if they’re very dirty.
  • Wipe down and dust the light fixtures.
  • Clean the thresholds.
  • Thoroughly mop the floors.
  • Finish by sweeping and vacuuming the garage.

Take special care to remove construction dust from hard-to-reach or unnoticeable places such as behind radiators and toilet bowls, on top of electrical outlet covers, and so on. Failing to do so can cause serious health problems for the occupants in the long term.

How long does it take to clean a new construction house?

It’s impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The reality is that the time it takes to perform a post-construction cleaning varies greatly from house to house.How long does it take to clean a new construction house

Consider the following factors:

  • Scope of work. The bigger the house or room you’re cleaning, the longer the cleaning is going to take.
  • Type of work done. Some construction work produces a lot more dust and debris, which makes for a longer cleaning.
  • Materials used. Different materials produce different amounts and types of construction dust when worked on. Again, the more dust there is, the longer the cleaning is going to take.
  • How many people are involved. The more people are involved in the post-construction cleaning, the faster it’s going to go.
  • Experience and equipment. Inexperienced cleaners who don’t have access to first-rate cleaning supplies are invariably going to take longer to complete the cleaning than a professional post-construction cleaning service would.

Where can I book a reliable post construction cleaning in Baton Rouge?

If all of the above sounds like a huge hassle, that’s because it is. A proper post-construction cleaning takes a lot more time and energy than other types of residential cleaning. For this reason, most Americans prefer to outsource their post-construction cleaning to the experts.

As the leading cleaning company in Louisiana, Geaux Maids of Baton Rouge specializes in providing the full range of residential and commercial cleaning services. We will happily deal with your post-construction cleaning while you focus on your other obligations or simply relax at the Independence Park Botanical Gardens. Get in touch with us today!

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